Audit Assurance

This entails a provision of impartial, no-nonsense audit service and a strong adherence with the generally accepted accounting principles.

·        Internal Control Review

·        Statutory and Regulatory                      Reports

·        Special Audit/Due Diligence

Tax Services

This entails a wide coverage of tax related concerns, with a thorough review of client’s tax compliance and reveal possible tax exposures and remediation.

·         Tax Audit

·         Tax Advisory

·         Tax Compliance

·         Tax Treaty Relief Assistance

Accounting Services

This entails the recording of business records for the full accounting cycle in an accurate, complete and timely manner.

·         Bookkeeping

·         Account Reconciliation

·         Compilation Services

·         Cash/Treasury Management

Other Services

This entails the extra mile effort of Accounting-related work, such as business registrations, outsourcing HR and Payroll concerns and special fraud investigation.

·         HR and Payroll Services

·         Ledger Migration

·         Business Registration

·         Fraud Investigation