To be a provider of thorough and exceptional assurance, tax transaction and advisory services to clients both local and foreign accounts.
To be committed as a purveyor of time-honored legacy of integrity to the young breed of new-generation accounting professionals by instilling the values and principles of good accounting practices, while instilling the trait of honoring God in their profession.


To align the time-tested rules of accounting principles to keep up with the ever-changing innovation and the diversified demands of the modern times.
To extend a world class excellent service both in local as well as in international business clientele.

Core Values

Responsibility and Accountability –
No Accounting professional will be worth his job without the strong inculcation of responsibility and accountability to every single invoice or receipt he touches.

Quality and Synergy –
No Accounting endeavor will mean anything without the uncompromising commitment to high quality and a collaborative effort of “working together”.

Ownership and Integrity –
No Accounting result will ever be of real value without the stringent adherence to accuracy and integrity, as each work done reflects the values the company upholds as a whole.

Social Responsibility

RQ Olaya Accounting and Consultancy Services is dedicated in inspiring and shaping the young generation in becoming effective and valuable professionals. It serves as an avenue for training and learning the basics of the accounting industry. The corporate responsibility of the company is disciplined towards personal and career development and ultimately to nation-building.

Our Value Proposition

Commitment to Deliver
We are passionately committed in helping small and medium enterprises through provision of excellent services aiming to deliver businesses into success.

Knowledge, Experience and Expertise
With over 10 years of dedication, hardwork and tenacity of staying in the industry, the company was able to establish strong client relationship to over a hundred of stakeholders with the assistance of competent and reliable associates.

Value for Accuracy, Compliance and Excellence
We emphasize our goal of serving our clients with the utmost excellence through accuracy of measures and output, prompt compliance and outstanding conveyance of services as required in the industry intended to grant confidence to the clients.